United Chicagoland Resistance - Security Application
Welcome to United Chicagoland Resistance! We are a group of enthusiastic Ingress players who collaborate via social media to support the Resistance faction's efforts.

In a world where unrestrained exposure to XM threatens unknown harm to an unsuspecting populace, it's up to us to protect humanity! We are excited that you are joining us in those efforts. Together, we can Resist the Shaper threat and defeat the opposition.

We endeavor to maintain a friendly and social community, and we look forward to inviting you to our community once you've completed the security screening process outlined in this form. The information obtained from this Security Application is exclusively for basic screening against Enlightened players and will not be sold or otherwise shared with third parties.

UCR is a community acknowledged by Niantic (http://www.ingress.com/community/directory) and adheres to the Ingress Terms of Service (http://www.ingress.com/terms). As a player-based community, UCR does not have official affiliation with Niantic, Ingress, or Google.

You must be 18 years of age or older to join UCR. Ingress and UCR activities frequently involve agents meeting and gathering in person, so we are unable to accept minors at this time.

United Chicagoland Resistance  - UCR
Things you'll need for your Application
Before we get going with the application, you'll want to have a screenshot of the Settings page from your Ingress app ready to make the process go smoothly

Please note that we will never share your email with anyone. It will only be used once to send verification instructions.

Once you've got that, click the CONTINUE button below.
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