Quiz: Is Your Broker Safe?
This quiz, with its 6 questions, will help you to find out if your broker is safe. By answering the questions you will get an approximate result and a recommendation, what you should do next in this matter. For further and more detailed explanations we recommend to contact us: marketing@amifx.com

This is how it works:
Please answer all 6 multiple choice questions by clicking on the correct answer. With each question, you can achieve points. When all questions are answered your score will be between 0 and 26.

Start now and find out if your FX broker is safe!
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1. Does your broker offer you a bonus to open an account with them? *
2. Does your broker have a fully functional website? *
3. Under which license does your broker operate your account?
My account is operated with the following license:
FSA (Labuan), VSDL (Vanuatu)
Offshore, such as St. Vincent, Marshall Islands etc.
4. What leverage is your broker offering you? If your leverage is not shown, please choose the closest leverage.
My offered leverage:
5. Does your broker show you the counterparty on your trade? *
6. Does your broker offer you a back office? *
Here is what your score means:
0-6 points:
Your funds are at risk with the broker you are using, you should review immediately your setup. Please contact one of our representatives.

6-15 points:
Your setup would require some attention. Please contact your broker for more information on its offering regarding trade transparency and best execution model. Once done, please contact one of our representative for a full debrief.

15-26 points:
Your setup is very close to being one of the safest out there. We will be happy to hear from you. Happy safe trading to all!

For further and more detailed explanations we recommend to contact us: marketing@amifx.com
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