Afin Application form V.1
Welcome to Afin project

How to join:
• Join main group and spread good word about Afin Coin
• Join news channel
• Join Afin Social Network Representative:

1. Do Twitter task
• Follow Afin Coin on Twitter
• Retweet 3 post from Afin tweet and do hashtag #afincoin and mention 3 of your friends
• Create one tweet about Afin with hashtag #afincoin

2. Do Facebook task
• Follow and Like Afin Coin fanpage
• Give 5 stars and give good feedback about Afin Coin
• Share 2 post by Afin Coin with hashtag #afincoin

3. Do Linkedin task
• Follow Afin Coin Account
• Like, comment & share at least 2 post with hashtag #afincoin

4. Do Bitcointalk task
• Comment your Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn username on Airdrop Thread
• Post good feedback on Main Thread

Each participant will received 10 Afin Coin tokens if completing all task & pass KYC
Please set all of your social media account to public
We will start distributing the reward to your ERC20 wallet starting on May 15th 2019

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Any kind of file you want to share: social media representative, video of your speech, meetup photos etc
Terms and condition
● Join all Afin Coin telegram groups. We will manually check these and verify your entry.
● Using multiple accounts or cheating of any kind won't be accepted. We will remove your entry without confirmation & no further complain will be accepted
● All of your social media account must be at least 1 month old for this campaign. This is to prevent bot accounts from joining and spamming up the channel.
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Thank you for your joining our Airdrop Campaign
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