Footloose Information and Participation Form
Event Timing: February1st---May 11th.

Contact: Jackie Carter or 612-360-8288

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Commitment Level *
Regardless of your child’s preference for high, medium or low commitment I ask that you also check the days listed below that you potentially have open for rehearsals. The more flexibility you have the more I can use your children in scenes and songs. AGAIN: Even though there are five rehearsal times listed below – Medium Cast will have approximately one to two rehearsal per week. The Low Cast will have fewer rehearsals. *
List consistent conflicts here (this is really important):(i.e. Piano lessons every Tuesday night, basketball every Saturday evening, etc.) *
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Call Backs
For those students considered for a lead role: Call Backs are on Tuesday, Feb 19 from 5-7:30pm
Rehearsal Expectations
I will work very closely with your rehearsal requests and the rehearsal schedule does not conflict with any regularly scheduled CCS / SSYO basketball games. Your child is expected to be at the rehearsals to which they are called. We need them for another great show.

*Kids will attend the rehearsals to which they are called
*Kids will contribute positively at rehearsal
1st time - if your child is disruptive, you will get a call to pick them up – it is not fair to us, other actors, the production, or the school
2 time - your child will only be allowed back into rehearsals with you in attendance
3rd time - Children will be removed from songs/ scenes at the production team’s discretion (applies to behavior and attendance)

Please go over behavioral & attendance expectations with your child prior to the rehearsals and as always, contact me with questions or concerns - Heather at or 952-217-5094.

Participation Fee and Add On's (Billed to your CCS account)
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