Making the Most of Middle School Career Exploration in CTE
For the first time, Career and Technical Education law includes a focus on middle school career exploration, grades 5-8, and emphasizes working closely with community partners. While new to the law, community partners across the country such as afterschool and summer learning programs have long been introducing students to career pathways, building connections to local business and creating bridges with CTE programs during middle school’s critical developmental period. In this briefing, understand how using the framework of Perkins V can enable states and districts to leverage afterschool partners and community resources to provide more middle school opportunities for students on their paths to college and career.

• Regina Sidney-Brown, Director, Delaware Afterschool Network, United Way of Delaware
• Luke Rhine, Director, Career and Technical Education and STEM Initiatives, Delaware Department of Education
• Daniela Grigioni, Executive Director, After-School All-Stars, Washington, DC
• Andrew Coy, Executive Director, Digital Harbor Foundation, Baltimore, MD

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