One Weekend '20 Feedback Form
If you didn't participate in One Weekend '20 jump down to the bottom section! This form is for Calvary Students!
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What did you love MOST about One Weekend?
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What did you LEAST enjoy about One Weekend?
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How did you like your small group?
I hated my group
My group was the best!
Give us feedback on your host home.
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Give us feedback on Portraits, the worship band.
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Give us feedback on the speaker, Ryan Fontenot.
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Q&A Panel Discussion: Give us topics or questions that you'd like to hear discussed in the future.
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How did you like the schedule?
Worst Schedule Ever
It was great. I wouldn't change anything
Give us suggestions on schedule changes. (if any)
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Did you make any personal decisions?
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How / What did God speak to you about?
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Is there anything else that you want to tell us about One Weekend, your life, etc? We're here to listen to you!
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How would you rate your friendships at Calvary Students?
I don't have any friends here
I have best friends here
How would you rate your relationships with the leaders?
We don't talk
I can talk to them about anything
What do you personally enjoy the most about Wednesday nights?
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