2018/2019 Shared Schoolyard Weekend Activity Funds- Initial Application
Thanks for your interest in activating SFUSD School yards on the weekends in partnership with the San Francisco Shared Schoolyards Program.

Completion of this form will serve as your initial application for your campus, group or program to receive up to $2500 (up to $1500 for a single day event)of funding for any program(s) which gets San Francisco children, families and community members out to School Yards across the city. To be formally accepted for funds, you must complete preliminary steps, and submit a final program proposal. Groups applying for funding should allow at least 4-6 weeks for application.

Funds granted through this program are to enhance the quality of life by increasing activation of open yard spaces. These funds are eligible exclusively to support this activation during program hours, 9-4pm Saturdays and Sundays. Applications for programming occurring outside our program hours will not be considered.

For Questions contact,
Amy Randel, SFUSD Program Director, Randela@sfusd.edu
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Upon completion of this application, the Project Managers will contact you with their approval comments. Please direct any questions or comments to Program Manager, Amy Randel, Randela@sfusd.edu
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