2021 - SAIL Abstract Submission
We invite submissions for abstracts, which will be selected for podium and poster presentations. Abstracts should contain either: 1) new and unpublished work, 2) highlights of recently published work or 3) important research hypotheses or questions. Work describing pure methods without thoughtful consideration of clinical applicability or implementation will be considered out of scope and should be submitted elsewhere. The ideal submission will use innovative machine learning methodology to address real world clinical problems with results that can be translated to improving healthcare. Abstracts should be well supported with references to prior work.

Example research themes include addressing key challenges in combining AI with clinical workflows (e.g., clinical decision support, human computer interaction, interpretability, active learning, etc.) or deploying intelligent systems at scale (e.g., fairness, privacy, generalizability across institutions over time, real-time prediction, regulatory compliance). We highly encourage work that involves interdisciplinary collaboration across AI researchers, clinicians, and informaticians. See sail.health/call_for_papers.html for examples of highly rated submissions from last year. In-person capacity is extremely limited, but spaces will be reserved for those with accepted abstracts.

Abstracts have a 500-word limit, excluding references, figures, and figure captions. Abstract submissions are unblinded and can be submitted in any format, and may contain content that has been published within the last 12 months. Abstracts will be selected by the Program Committee. In addition to being invited to present your work in-person at the symposium, all accepted submissions will also be posted on the SAIL website.

Abstract Submission Deadline: June 25, 2021 23:59 ET
Abstract Acceptance Notification: July 30, 2021
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