Escape Room Owners Worldwide Survey - 2018
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Survey by Costin Pana - Escape Room Designer
It will only take 1 minute!
Are you an Escape Room Owner? Please help us and share your experience. Fill in this 1 Minute Survey.
Whether you are new, or you have years of experience - every response is important. We need your response to get a complete picture of the escape room industry. The results be be made public on my website - link at the end - once the survey is complete.

As a thanks to everyone who responds to the survey, there is a thank you draw being held at the beginning of February. See below for details

Thank You Prize - One Escape Room Game Design worth $1000
As a thanks for everyone who took the time to answer the survey, we will be making a random draw and giving away a big prize. One winner will be drawn at the beginning of February.

The winner will receive:
- One unique Escape Room Game Design worth $1000, which you can use to build a Pirate Theme Escape Room.
· the escape room plans and escape room scenario;
· clues in a digital format, including instructions for placing them;
· guidance for resetting the game, or for offering clues during the game play;
· promotion and marketing strategies;
· instructions on building hand-made custom puzzles, with explanatory photos and sketches;

Be sure to read the info at the end of the survey to be included in the giveaway.

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What is the minimum team size? *
Minimum number of players required to play one game.
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What is the maximum team size? *
Maximum number of players that can play one game in the same time.
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How much do bookings cost on average, per player? (USD) *
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What is the Average per Month income considering last 12 months? (USD) *
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What is the lowest cost of building one game room? (USD) *
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What is the maximum cost you payed to build one game room? (USD) *
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What are your total monthly expenses? (rent, utilities, salaries, etc.) (USD) *
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How much do you invest in marketing per month? (USD) *
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What is the average number of customers you have per month? *
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How many employees do you have? *
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