DGF Food and Nutrition Services Request Form
1. If you wish to just receive individual sack meals you do NOT need to sign up.
2. Please contact the Food and Nutrition Services Office at 218-477-6898 (Dilworth Site) or 218-477-6873 (Glyndon Site) with any questions.
3. Please complete one request form per student. Please DO NOT do all your kids on one form.
4. We will be packaging breakfast and lunch meals for students when they are not onsite on a given learning day. Breakfast and lunch will be included in each sack .
5. If a parent or student wants to pick up multiple packaged meals they are welcome to do so! All meals will be no charge until May 2021. By signing up - we are better able to accommodate if a student wanting a packaged meal has a food allergy. We can put their name on bags that would be an alternate meal for them.
6. We are going to try to have frozen meals (like spaghetti, chicken nacho bowls, lasagna etc) this year similar to what we did in the spring and not to do just sandwiches everyday for them to pick up.
7. Please complete your online request the Friday prior to the upcoming week.
8. Pickup Examples:
* If you're a virtual learner, you can pickup meals daily or for a week at a time.
* If you have an elementary student who goes to school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, your student can pickup Wednesday meals before they go home on Tuesday from school.
* If your middle school or high school student attends, Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday, they can pickup Tuesday or Friday before they leave school their meals for Wednesday/Thursday/Friday or Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.
9. Meal can be picked up between 8:15 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. at the Dilworth Elementary by Door 1 or 7:30 - 3:30 Glyndon Felton Elementary Door #20 on school days.

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