50Fifty Farm Season in Review
Your farmer wants to hear from you! The best way to improve is to ask for feedback and criticism, no matter how hard that can be. Please answer and fill out the following questionnaire. Let me know what worked, what didn't, what can I do to better serve you. I have some ideas up my sleeve but if they aren't what you are excited about then I am not serving you, just my personal desires.
How did you hear about 50Fifty Farm? *
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Was the amount of produce you received... *
Each week you received about 8-12 vegetables and fruits in your share. On Average how much was not consumed and eventually went to waste? *
What was one new food to you that you were really excited to try? (and hopefully enjoyed!) *
Are there any additional items you would like to see in the CSA next year? *
Do you plan on being a member of this farms CSA next year? *
To best offer relevant and useful recipes and food options the farm would like to know Are you ... ? Pick all that apply in your immidiate household. *
As many of you may have seen on our website, Instagram and Facebook I raise a heritage meat breed of rabbit. Champagne d'Argent. My personal diet is comprised of only meat that I can visit at it's home and see the care that is put into raising it. Raising and eating rabbit is both a form of decolonizing my diet, honoring my ancestors and living up to my commitment of knowing the lives that keep me alive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you selected Omnivore, would you be open to trying rabbit meat? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you answer no I will not send you any e-mails about availability and will do my best to keep meat recipes out of the CSA newsletters. I run the Rabbitry financially separate from the Veggie CSA. Please know I respect everyone's dietary choices. *
What is a good Day & Time for CSA pick up? ------------------------------------------------Please understand that harvesting some foods is very time sensitive, and that I will also be attending farmers markets and scheduling restaurant deliveries that affect when and where CSA pick ups can occur. I am also continually working on life/work balance and will attempt to have Sat & Sun off. *
If you checked 'Other suggestion? Location?' box Please answer below.
If being a CSA member has had an affect on your health (eating more veggies, spurred additional changes) would you please take a moment to share your story?
Would you like to attend more on Farm gatherings?
Would those gatherings look like....
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