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Camp IDEA will be taking pictures and videos of the campers in action throughout the week. Do you give permission for your child to be photographed or videoed and included in our social media posts and website? *
Camp IDEA seeks to provide a safe, fun, creative and challenging opportunity for students to enrich their learning and meet new friends. Campers are required to be respectful of themselves and others at all times, and maintain “school like” behavior. Camp is to be free of harassment, intimidation or bullying at all times. The following behaviors are not tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal from camp with no refund: Physically harming a camper or staff member. Intentional damaging of property. Consistently disruptive behavior that interferes with a staff member’s duties. Behavior that substantially disrupts the orderly process of the camp. Dismissal from camp is at the sole discretion of the director or co-director and will be reviewed and handled on a case by case basis. *
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