May Volunteer Sign-ups - Resource Stewardship
Desert tortoise monitoring camera servicing - Volunteers are needed to service wildlife cameras that are in and near the Woodbury Desert Study Area of the Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area. Tasks include replacing data cards and batteries, checking camera alignment and stability, and trimming vegetation. Each pair of workers will hike to 3-5 camera locations for up to a mile over uneven and sometimes rugged terrain. You will be navigating to and documenting locations with the Avenza maps phone app. We may also do some additional burrow surveys.

Vegetation restoration plot watering - Volunteers are needed to monitor survival success rate of Joshua tree seedlings and other natives planted on a restoration plot in the Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area. We will be providing supplemental water to about 240 plants and pulling encroaching weeds to reduce competition. This will require carrying buckets of water several hundred feet to reach some plants over gently sloping but uneven terrain.

Endangered species conservation projects - The federally endangered Shivwits milkvetch and Holmgren milkvetch occur on unique soil types in our county. A limited number of volunteers are sought to prevent trampling on and around these plants as we assist the BLM and USFWS to pull and bag adjacent weeds to reduce competition, and to collect seed for banking and restoration.

Wildlife camera data card review and logging - Volunteers are needed to review images collected by the wildlife cameras to identify target species and to cull unnecessary photos. Reviewers will use their home computer to log date, time and species information on a spreadsheet. We can provide training for you to recognize key species.

Where to Meet - Project volunteers will meet and leave from the Fire Lake/Ivins Reservoir parking lot closest to Old Hwy 91 or from the Terrible's/Chevron near I-15 and Sun River Pkwy. We will carpool but it may require driving your vehicle about 65 miles roundtrip from the St George area; up to 5 miles will be over a graded dirt road off of old Highway 91. Project days will take from 4-5 hours, including driving time.

Once you have provided your availability, our Stewardship Coordinator Fred Armstrong will contact you about the days you are needed. You may contact him at 435-668-2454 with specific questions.
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Tortoise monitoring camera servicing
Task including driving time will take approximately 4-5 hours and hiking up to a mile over uneven terrain. You will retrieve and insert camera data cards, change camera batteries, trim vegetation and check tripod stability as well as recording any tortoise sign. We may survey an additional wash, dependent on time. Please select all dates that you are available. You will be notified of the date(s) that you are needed. 
I can drive to the site
I can provide a ride for others
I need a ride to the site
Saturday, May 11, 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Saturday, May 18, 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Saturday, June 1, 7:30 am - 12:30 pm
Restoration vegetation plot watering/weeding
Task including driving time will take approximately 3-4 hours hiking and carrying water up to 1/2 mile over uneven terrain. Please select all dates of interest. You will be notified of the date(s) that you are needed.
I can drive to the site
I can provide a ride for others
I need a ride to the site
I have a pickup and can fill & haul a 100-gal water bladder to the site
Saturday, May 4, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Saturday, May 25, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Endangered plant conservation projects
Up to 10 people may assist with careful weed removal around Shivwits milkvetch. Requires a 1-mile hike to reach the site, then a mile to return. We will meet at the White Reef trailhead on the west side of I-15.

Five volunteers are needed to collect Holmgren milkvetch seed. We will meet at the White Dome Reserve parking lot south of St George on River Rd.
If you are only interested in helping with data review, skip this question.

For camera servicing and vegetation watering I would prefer to meet co-workers and depart from:
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Wildlife Data Review and Logging
I am interested in reviewing hundreds of photos on data cards to eliminate non-target images.  I am capable of identifying mammals, reptiles and birds in photos and recording date, time, and species on a data spreadsheet using my home computer. You may perform this task even if you are not capable of deploying cameras or retrieving data cards from the field. Data cards need to be reviewed and data logged within a 3-week period for reuse in the field.
SAVE THE DATE - Friday evening, June 7
Stewardship Volunteer Appreciation BBQ
If you have been a Stewardship Program volunteer with the tortoise monitoring or vegetation restoration projects, please plan to attend this appreciation BBQ just for you to express our thanks! More details to come. 
I am willing to sign a waiver to release Conserve Southwest Utah from personal injury or property damage for field projects.  I am in good physical health to perform moderately strenuous hiking, lifting, bending and carrying.  I will come prepared with my own personal protective wear of leather gloves, sun protective hat and clothing, closed-toe footwear, and personal hygiene items for packing out human waste.  I will bring a lunch and drinking water sufficient for each day.
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