Megaphone Proposal Form
From November 14-18 2018, 2b theatre company presents Mouthpiece at Alderney Landing Theatre. To learn more about this internationally acclaimed play, click here:

Simultaneously, 2b will program Megaphone - a series of works by women and non-binary artists. The theme of the series is Voice and Body. Applicants are invited to interpret this theme as they like.

Each performance or event will:
-Take place in the Rotunda (lobby) at Alderney Landing (or another nearby venue, if permission can be secured)
-Begin at approximately 9:30 pm, following the 8 pm performance of Mouthpiece
-Run for 30 minutes or less

We are looking for applicants who:
-Identify as women or non-binary people
-Are based in Halifax

Successful applicants will be paid a fee of $300 for their participation.

New and previously presented works are both welcome.

Submissions are due August 26th at 11:59 pm.

Please email with any questions or concerns about the submission process.

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