Sensitive Creatives with a touch of Magic
** Make the survey in 4 minutes and get a Magical Present with which you manifest more Money & Love **

Dear creative friend,

My mission is to be committed to helping sensitive creatives and conscious high potentials just like you, to feel better with more money and to make that fully come true for yourself. Because the full extend of your dream life supports you so much better to pass your own contribution on to the world to be a beter place!

Now I not only would love to assist you, but I even also am intending to build a school on this principle. A Life School where creativity, entrepreneurship and life come together with a touch of Magic.

Is this something for you? Am I correct by wanting this or am I completely off? Do you feel you need this or is it in fact something else?

Would you fill in my survey? It only takes approximately 4 minutes to complete and I am as a result so much better able to help you.

* Get a Magical Present valued 224 Euro

All survey participants that leave their email address, I will give the Magical Present.

It contains the guided meditation Reset your Money DNA with a value of 27 Euro and my fresh new Money Magic workshop in which you can multiply your money 111 times, with a value of 197 Euro (so in fact the value is 218.867 Euro!).

Also I will keep you informed of how everything will progress. You can also sign out at any time if you so desire. And other things I will not do with your address.

I wish you all the best,

with love,

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"Thank you in advance!" - Petra.
Do you experience the current crisis relative to your money present or future fearful and negative or awakening and positive? *
How does the current crisis change your perception of your money present or future? *
Did you ever make use of a paid service from me? *
What is your need in 2020? *
What description feels right for you? *
When you imagine your dream life with everything and all in it and on it, is there currently enough money flowing your way for it? *
When there would be a method to feel better and make more money with a factor of 1111, would you be interested in this method? *
How much money would you like to make per year (turnover, gross) with a good feeling while doing it, when it would be possible? (Euro or USD rate would be kind of the same in this question, it is roughly, let's take it as that for now.) *
Often there is an inner saboteur that holds you back from manifesting more money. When this one is neutralized, new money space is set free! When the SelfLove Reset Game would start in a couple of weeks, that helps a lot with this issue, a free online challenge, would you participate? *
What holds you back to manifest the sum of money of your dreams, you feel? *
When the School for Life Magic, in which there is attention for feeling good and making more money as sensitive creative, opens later in 2020, what would be your reason to participate? More options possible. *
What kind of media would you like to see in Your Life Manic School? More answers possible. *
How much would you like to invest when you are guaranteed a magnification factor of 1111? Let's say Euro = USD for now, so: approximately. *
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