Welcome to 3rd Ibn Sina National College-Annual Scientific Conference [3rd ISNC-ASC]. "Lifestyle and Nutrition: Health Implications in Saudi Arabia
Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies (ISNC) is committed “To make a significant contribution to advances in Saudi Arabian healthcare, through the provision of outstanding education, research and medical services within a stimulating learning environment” commitment to Research is integral to ISNC's Mission statement. This Annual Scientific Conference (ISNC-ASC) is one such research and scholarly activities at ISNC. ISNC and the entire team of organizers of the 3rd ISNC-ASC invite your active participation to share your research experience with your peers of Makkah region.
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Thank you for your interest to participate in 3rd ISNC-ASC 2018.

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1. All fields are mandatory to be filled.

2. Use this link only if you intend to REGISTER and SUBMIT ABSTRACT for Oral or Poster Presentation in our Conference.

3. Filling out this form includes both REGISTRATION plus ABSTRACT SUBMISSION, therefore DO NOT register again through the conference registration link.

4. Please ensure you have prepared your abstract as detailed in oral/poster abstract preparation guidelines available at http://www.ibnsina.edu.sa/main/en/research-center-conference-2017-18#1514806276950-d8aa9c73-452d

5. In addition to uploading your abstract in this form it is mandatory to send us a copy of your abstract by email to
i. prtmedprog@ibnsina.edu.sa - Abstracts from Medicine Programs.
ii. prtphramprog@ibnsina.edu.sa. - Abstracts from Pharmacy Programs.
iii. prtdentprog@ibnsina.edu.sa. - Abstracts from Dentistry Programs.
iv. prtnursprog@ibnsina.edu.sa. - Abstracts from Nursing Programs.

6. Payment Options:
Option 1: Pay in favor of SA: 8980000380608010000016 Al-Rajhi Bank.(Send transaction Screen shot/slip by whatsApp to 0566120154).
Option 2: Pay at ISNC by cash or card in the Finance Department (Room No. 150).

7. If you choose to pay by "option 1", your registration is not confirmed until our Registration Team ratifies your payment. This may typically take 2-3 working days.

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