Craftathon 2018 Partner Application
A partner is an organization that provides publicity for Craftathon by EITHER:
- Sending a message to all historical consumers/followers of the organization. This must have a total combined reach of at least 5,000 people (for example: sending a message to everyone in a Discord server with 5,000+ people or sending an email to all 5,000+ customers)
- Posting a long-term announcement in a public place which receives at least 1,000 views each day for at least one week (for example: posting an advertisement for Craftathon on the front page of your website for 1 straight week)

Sufficient proof of numbers is required for all partners.

In exchange, Craftathon will provide you with:
- Your logo on our website
- An announcement of partnership in our Discord
- A free and priceless “Partner” role in our Discord for up to three people from your organization
- A free and priceless “Partner” rank in-game for up to three people from your organization
- Free admission to Craftathon for up to three people from your organization
- Free admission to the afterparty of Craftathon for up to three people from your organization

If this pertains to you, please continue to fill out this form!

Name of organization *
Short description of organziation's purpose *
Organization's website *
Name of contact *
Email of contact *
Discord username of contact
Format: Name#XXXX — All main contacts are invited to speak at the opening ceremony and should have a Discord to do so. Your Discord account will generally be the main method of communication if Craftathon continues to partner with your organization. We highly recommend you provide us with a Discord.
What is your preferred method of contact? *
Which way will you provide publicity for Craftathon? *
Where is your main consumer base? How do you make contact with them? *
How will you provide proof of your consumer base? *
Please upload your organization's logo(s). *
If you have multiple versions of your logo, please upload them all. They will reside on a white background, but we would appreciate if it is a PNG with no background.
Do you have anything additional to add?
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