Product Deep Dive Workshop Part II - November 10, 2020
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Our Product Deep Dive Workshops are primarily targeted at Technical leaders who are delivering and/or expanding projects. More specifically involved in Delivering Customer success and project outcomes, project readiness, expansion plays.
Why Attend?
The idea of these workshops is to see more in detail some of the functionalities or features available in the platform and to provide the partner the knowledge needed to identify new opportunities around these components or modules. For example: if a partner is implementing a MuleSoft's project in a customer and they detect an opportunity around advanced monitoring, the partner should be able to explain the capabilities that MuleSoft could offer and how MuleSoft could cover this need.

We are not going to see configurations, or how to implement a specific use case or how to configure something.
The idea is to see which functionalities are available in MuleSoft around security, monitoring, community manager, etc.

Different sessions will be run around the following topics:
* Titanium / Advanced Monitoring
* Security
* Edge
* Authentication / Authorization OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect
* Policies: API Manager, Tokenization, etc.
* Service Mesh
* API Community Manager (ACM)
* Runtime Fabric.

Target Audience:
* Pre-sales & Architects.
* Attendees should have experience with MuleSoft or they should be certified (MCD1)
Workshop Agenda
Date: November 10, 2020 - 10:30am -12:00pm CEST | 9:30-11:00am BST
Delivery in English

Format: Virtual via invite that will be shared automatically after registration.
Different sessions will be run around the following topics.

There will be 3 sessions, each of 1.5h. This is session #2
1st session on Oct 27th, 2nd session on Nov 10th, 3rd session on Nov 19th.

* Service Mesh
* Runtime Fabric.

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