Buckeye Trail Association Awards Nomination
Volunteers and partners are the lifeblood of the Buckeye Trail Association. Volunteers and partners give thousands of hours of their time and energy to help build, maintain, protect and promote the enjoyment of Ohio's 1,454 mile BT. Our Volunteers deserve to be honored for their hard work on the Trail and off the Trail and we need your help to highlight all types of Volunteers and partners around the state to thank them and encourage others to follow their leadership.

Most of the following awards are presented during the BTA Awards program during our annual Buckeye TrailFest in the Spring of each year.

The Emma "Grandma" Gatewood Award for Distinguished Service
Grandma Gatewood overcame adversity and challenges to achieve something great for herself and eventually for the the Buckeye Trail as well. This award honors those that have achieved something for the Buckeye Trail in the prior year in the same spirit as the woman who persisted even after she was told she couldn't.

The Bob Paton Award for Meritorious Service
Honors members who have contributed exceptionally meritorious services to the Association for at least fifteen (15) years. Such services may pertain to trail maintenance, trail utilization and/or administrative or management functions.

The Dr. Roy Fairfield President's Award
The nominee shall have either shown exceptional commitment to an assignment(s), or have made some major contribution of special benefit to the Association during the past year. Nominees who would be eligible for a certificate of appreciation can be considered for the President’s award.

The Bill Miller Award for Conservation
Honors any person or group responsible for actions that have notably preserved or restored the natural ecology or beauty of a locality by the Trail, or have brought under control a major threat to utility of the Trail in some locality.

Buckeye Trail Blazer Award for Leadership by Example (Formerly Star and Superstar Awards)
Awarded to person(s) who have exhibited superior service and leadership by example in appointed or volunteer tasks.

The James Sprague Buckeye Trail Adopter and Builder Award
Presented to person(s) who have exhibited superior service to their adopted segment of the Buckeye Trail and/or work on the Buckeye Trail Crew. These individuals maintain their segment so that it is always ready and a pleasure to hike. They maintain their records and report hours, travel, and any problems to their supervisors.

Buckeye Trail Crew Hours Awards
Buckeye Trail Crew members are honored by the Buckeye Trail Management Team for the number of hours and drops of sweat they have devoted to building and maintaining the BT during Buckeye Trail Crew events.

The Merrill Gilfillan Award for Visionary Agency Partners
For visionary agency partners that go above and beyond the call of their position to imagine and implement an improved Buckeye Trail experience in the spirit of the original 1958 article "A Buckeye Trail; So Far it is Just an Idea" written by ODNR's Merrill Gilfillan. Awardees do not except the status quo of the trail we love today, they understand that agencies play an important role in the development, maintenance, protection and promotion of Ohio's State Trail.

The Buckeye Trail Business Partnership Award
Any business can benefit the BTA and the BT in a variety of ways. These include financially, promoting the BT and BTA, partnering on outreach events, encouraging employees to volunteer on the BT and many others. The BT circumnavigates the state, through 100 communities with a mission to provide local economic benefits. This award highlights significant and innovative ways that primarily Ohio-based businesses are supporting the mission and vision of the BTA.

The Buckeye Trail Partnership Award
The Buckeye Trail has not come to be what it is today by the will of the BTA alone. All around the state partner organizations are assisting with the building, maintaining, protection and promotion of the BT through their region for their own purposes, sometimes unaware that they are benefiting the BT. Awardees are honored for their hard work on their part of our shared vision.

Ralph Regula Award for Leadership
At every level of government the BT and the BTA need the support of our elected decision makers to improve the Buckeye Trail experience. This award honors those elected officials who have made the BT or trails in general a priority for accomplishing some significant effort that benefits trails in Ohio.

Certificate of Appreciation
This is presented to any individual, city, agency, business, or organization that has demonstrated exemplary cooperation and diligence to perpetuate and improve the Trail and Association, and must have helped in some significant way to aid the Association attain an important objective.

Buckeye Trail Circuit Completion
The completion of a continuous loop, without any gaps, following the BT as it was recognized at the time of hiking/following. The segments need not be completed in order or in a specific direction to be valid as long as there are no gaps. The hiker/follower must complete all existing off-road trail and blazed on-road trail along the intended loop, except in cases of high water bypasses, bridges which are out, logging operations, or other minor detours due to emergency situations. This is a self nomination.

Buckeye Trail Association Trustee Emeritus
This is the only recognition that is set aside for members of the Board of Trustees as they leave the service of the Board. The nominee should have accumulated at least (9) years as Board Member and must have demonstrated consistent commitment and continued service to the Board, the Association, and the Trail, through exceptional diligence at their assignments and at least one notable achievement to their credit.
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