Application to serve LOVE Queen Layla
I hereby agree to take my time to read and answer all questions openly and honestly. The more I reveal the more I learn and know myself. If I don't put effort and fill in this application properly then I will not meet her requirements. I agree to use my ability and understanding of the English language to describe my needs and answer short answer questions with full sentences, use proper grammar and spell check before sending. I understand that upon completing my application to serve I am required to Tribute Portal Entry Tax ($25) plus set up an Audience ($100) with her Highness. I understand that there is NO RE-ENTRY and if I am unable to follow these simple instructions then I am undeserving of her divine attention and will not be granted the privilege to serve her and transcend. Once I am admitted into her Empyrean I agree to Serve. Worship. Tribute. Repeat. I agree to respect and play by all LAWS and follow her almighty instructions without hesitation. I agree to a cash penalty of her choice ($5-$100) for any stupid mistakes on my part in this application.
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What gender and pronouns do you identify with? *
What is your sexuality? *
How do you identify? *
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You session with a professional dominatrix: *
Why do you think I am the Domina for you? *
What was your most favorite experience to date and why? *
What words make you feel excited? *
What was your most unfavorable experience and why? *
What words/things/environments make you feel disconnected and turn you off during playtime? *
What session dynamic do you respond to best? *
Which session scenarios interest you? *
Can you be marked? *
Regarding S&M *
What are your hard limits? *
Please list any recent operations, special medications, past injuries or health concerns. I expect you to play using PRIK: Personal Responsibility in Kink *
Preferred date and time for Audience *
What are your BDSM interests/kinks? List specifics. *
After reading Queen Layla's interests, list five things you would like to explore under her rule.
I play CFNM and wear whatever I like during our playtime, although sometimes I may feel like surprising you. What would you most like to see Me in? *
I have read in detail before completing this application + have sent the proper Tribute to begin my journey ($25 + $100) and emailed attachment as proof. *
The information you have provided will assist Me in understanding your deep rooted desires. It will help Me to ensure our playtime is forever engrained in your brain for it is I, LOVE Queen Layla that IS the KEY and keyholder to the kingdom of your fulfillment. Respect, open and honest communication are expected and confidentiality is assured. NO-RENTRY (must follow all LAWS).
Enter the Portal to Freedom ™ and come alive in My Empyrean. Surrender and free yourself.
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