Protect The Emancipation Memorial
This Emancipation Memorial, pictured below, was literally paid for by former slaves. Help us preserve this historic statue in Lincoln Park that Black Lives Matter, liberals and Antifa want to destroy. Help us sustain the deep history of African Americans and the freedom they fought and died for. If you agree this is part of the heart and soul of our country, sign our petition right now. Our goal is 10,000 signatures.


In 1869, the funding for an Emancipation Memorial after President Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery, featuring a statue of Lincoln, had begun with a $5 donation from a former slave, Charlotte Scott, from Virginia. All of the initial funds raised were from donations from former slaves, later matched by donations from The Western Sanitary Commission, a St. Louis-based volunteer war-relief agency. The sculptor, Thomas Ball, had an acceptable model made, but the group of freedmen behind the monument wanted to have a real freedman pose for it. They gave Ball a photo of Archer Alexander (seen below), and he was chosen as the model.

Before Black Lives Matter demands that white folk learn black history, perhaps black folk like DC Mayor Bowser and congressional Delegate Eleanor Holmes-Norton need to learn more black history. Archer Alexander is not kneeling, as a track star prepared to run a dash. The kinetic motion in this figure shows him just emancipated to stand and run his race as a free man.

This Freedmen’s Statue should not only remain standing in Lincoln Park, but this is the sacred location where President Trump ought to place the new Memorial Park he envisions to honor great American heroes who worked tirelessly to unify the races -- to be named Unity Park.

Star Parker, President
Center for Urban Renewal and Education

The Freedmen's Statue, located in Lincoln Park in Washington, DC.
Archer Alexander was a former slave who served as the model for the emancipated slave in the Emancipation Memorial (1876) located in Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C.
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