WEMTA's 2017-2018 Battle of the Books Senior Division Question Form
Please write your question for the book using the following form. REMEMBER: You must also have the page number for the question you write and add it to this form in the appropriate place.

This form only allows you to write one question. Press "Submit" after writing your question and page number. You will then receive a page that allows you to "Go Back To Form". Please click on the link to "Go Back To Form" if you have more questions you would like to submit.

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Please enter ONLY numbers unless the question deals with an overall idea or concept, then write "Throughout" for the page number. If the page that the question comes from is not numbered, please write unpaged.
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Did you read this title as an ebook?
We need to know this in terms of page numbers. Page numbers are different in the ebook format than a hard copy of the book.
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