Parent/Guardian Form Opting to temporarily not return for in-person learning
The guidance in the CT State Dept of Education recent publication, Adapt, Advance, Achieve: Connecticut's Plan to Learn and Grow Together, outlines the expectation that school districts provide temporary remote learning opportunities for those parents and students voluntarily opting into remote learning programming while other
students attend in-person instruction. This voluntary family choice is not intended to be the same as the
opportunities provided when classes are cancelled for a broader population, should public health data
require it. Copied below is some of the information copied directly from the document.

Obligations of the Parents and Family
While the 2020–2021 school year unquestionably presents unique challenges, school districts must
communicate with families to ensure the understanding that Connecticut law continues to require
children to engage in public school education unless they receive equivalent instruction elsewhere.
Notwithstanding this expectation, families continue to have a legal obligation to engage
in public school education unless the children are receiving equivalent instruction elsewhere (such as
through home-schooling or in non-public schools), as set forth in Connecticut General Statutes Section
10-184. Therefore, in collaboration with the school district, parents who decide to opt into voluntary
remote learning will also be expected to supervise and engage their children to fully and effectively
access the remote learning programming that is offered through the public school district.

Tracking Attendance for State Reporting
All districts will be expected to track attendance on a daily basis for students who opt in to remote
learning. This tracking should be consistent with the State Board of Education’s definition for attendance which states that “A student is considered to be ‘in attendance’ if present at their assigned
school, or an activity sponsored by the school (e.g., field trip), for at least half of the regular school day.”

Students participating in remote learning programming will be expected to access statewide assessments in-person, unless the assessments are available remotely. Other optional district assessments
that are not mandated by federal or state laws/regulations are subject to local decision, depending
upon whether those assessments are available online and can be administered remotely.

Please complete this form if your child will not return to CES at the beginning of the year. Please complete a separate form for each child in your family who will not return. Information collected is for use in planning for devices to be distributed and to understand parent/guardian reasons for not sending children for in-person learning. This information is only for school administration.
CES will deliver remote learning synchronously (live) in order for students to participate in class and have the opportunity to ask questions as if they were in school. This will also provide the opportunity for students to receive immediate feedback on learning intentions.
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I understand that it is my responsibility to have my child attend daily lessons remotely. I understand that my child will be responsible to participate in class discussions through the use of a school-provided device. I understand that my child is responsible to complete the work tasks that the teacher provides. *
I understand that attendance will be taken by the teacher. Attendance will be taken according to the sessions that my child participates in daily. *
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