Grand Challenges of the Principalship?
At CU Denver we are having conversations about principal licensure program redesign, including possible orientation toward what we're calling the 'grand challenges' of the principalship. A 'grand challenge' for building-level leaders might be a leadership issue such as 1) turning around a low-achieving school; 2) repairing a dysfunctional school staff culture; 3) preparing future-ready graduates; 4) meeting the needs of students with unique needs (including ELL/ESL, special education, gifted, transitory; etc.); or 5) better engaging diverse student and family communities.

We are soliciting ideas from others about which grand challenges might be worth centering a principal licensure program around. We'll take whatever ideas you are willing to share (multiple submissions are welcome!). Please also include your contact information if you are willing to have us follow up with you.

Which 'grand challenges' of the principalship do you think are important, impactful, and/or vital for a principal licensure program? (please give us whatever details would be helpful for us to understand this grand challenge) *
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