HGU Build A Better Future Scholarship Application
If you are submitting this application, that means you’ve been working on the LAUNCH framework for design thinking to improve your community. Congratulations on all your hard work! If you are working with 1 or more peers, please include all names, emails, & schools on the application. Remember, you may submit your strategy plan by March 23 for feedback before submitting your final work by April 28, 2019.
Applicant Information
First and Last Name *
Gender *
Email *
Date of Birth *
Current School *
City (school location) *
State of Residence *
Phase 1: Look Listen, & Observe
“Go to where the people are:” Tell us your community’s story and the issue you’ve observed (200 words or less). *
Phase 2: Ask Tons of Questions
List 5 questions you have considered as you have pondered and researched your community's issue. *
“Start with what you know and build on what you have:” Tell us how your personal background and strengths have led you to ask useful questions. (200 words or less) *
Phase 3: Understand the Process or Problem
“Be profoundly inclusive:” Tell us about how you have come to understand the needs of all the different people affected by your issue. (200 words or less) *
List 5 sources of research you have conducted (Interviews, articles, videos, data, etc. Please include specific links wherever possible.) *
Phase 4: Navigate Ideas
Link to strategy plan form (download, click text to add your own words, then save with your NAME in the title & upload here): https://1drv.ms/w/s!Am1v8Roii5NyhMYoHWP7wsdJiaVzhQ
“Keep the community at the center of the work:” Explain your possible solution to address the issue in your community. (200 words or less) *
Strategy Plan *
Phase 5: Create a Prototype
Which kind of prototype are you submitting? *
Upload file, if applicable.
Link to video, digital work, or art portfolio, if applicable (If you uploaded a file, please just write, "I uploaded above"). Please double check share settings! *
Brief description *
Phase 6: Highlight & Fix
What has worked well in your project so far, and what were areas that needed (or still need) fixing? (200 words or less) *
Read about the Ford Institute's 3 focus areas for funding (Increasing Connections, Building Capacity, and Taking Community-led action): pgs 2-3 of http://honorsgradu.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/CBAResourcesJuly2017-Ford-Institute.pdf. Which area does your project center on and why? (200 words or less) *
Phase 7: Launch to an Audience
Video Requirements:
*2-5 minutes
*Must be edited to include...
...examples of your work in action (photos, video clips, etc)
...A few words directly from you regarding your project (can be voice-over)
*Include 1-3 brief interviews with people you are working with
*Must address the following questions:
...What you would improve with more time?
...What new skills or concepts have you acquired?
...What have you learned about yourself based on the experience?
Upload video here...
...OR list link to video here. (If you uploaded a file, please just write, "I uploaded above"). Please double-check share settings! *
Additional Documentation
Please share photos of publish-able image quality of your work. Winners' work will likely be published on our websites, so by submitting, you give permission for us to share. You should submit 5-10 photos from any phases of your design thinking project, though we would especially love photos across all phases!
Upload here OR...
...List link to photos here. (If you uploaded a file, please just write, "I uploaded above"). Please double-check share settings! *
Collaboration with existing organization(s)
Applicants are to be the primary planners and executors of their projects. If you have collaborated with an existing community organization during this round, please list: 1) the NAME of the organization(s). 2) the NAME and EMAIL of the supervisor at the organization(s).
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