2018-2019 College Access Program Registration
About Us

Higher Heights Youth Empowerment Programs, Inc. (HHYEP), founded in 2004, is a local college access program that provides college-planning services to high school students, grade 9 thru 12, and their families, throughout the New Haven and Fairfield Counties.

Our mission is to change the lives of under-represented college bound students and Empower, Encourage, and Equip them to obtain a post-secondary education. .

Our organization’s goal is to provide more equitable access of college preparatory resources and services to a broad range of students and their families who have a history of being deprived and who as a consequence are underrepresented in the pool of academically high-achieving students.

We have helped over 1,100 secure over $10 million dollars in scholarships, graduate from high school and enroll in college.

College Access Program

Higher Heights YEP is offering Connecticut high schools and high schools a broad range of College Access Services for students and their parents.

These services provide a comprehensive model that focuses strongly on Higher Heights’ expertise in providing tools for enhancing social-emotional skills, trainings that are foundational to a growth mindset and student resiliency. Higher Heights’ College Access Program result in increased student academic success and heightened aspirations for college and career pathways.

• To help students overcome the internal and external barriers to attending college.
• To enhance students’ confidence and skills to pursue a college education.
• To help families through the college application process.

Along side our College Advisors you will receive a personalized selection of college/universities that match your career interest, testing scores, financial match, and academic skills.

Program Options:
• High School Seniors
• High School students grades 9 - 11

There is a $100 registration fee that covers the cost of program, all local college tour visits, and SAT Test Fee Waivers. Because the program is being offered at a very low-cost families, students must make a full-time commitment to attend every day of the program. Parents and students must sign a commitment that students will give a 100% commitment to the program. Students who are not able to attend every session are not encouraged to apply.

Mandatory Orientation Session on Saturday, September 29, 2018.
Registration fees will be accepted then.

• High School Seniors: once a week from 3pm - 5pm (October - January)

• High School students grades 9 - 11: once a month (October - April)

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