OASIS Booking Requests
Thank you for your interest in making a booking at OASIS!
OASIS is available to be booked in two different ways:

If you are interested in running an open event that utilizes *the entire space* (for instance a talk, presentation, or other playful activity) then choose "OASIS Event".

If you want to reserve one of the *four different computers* for you and a few optional friends for the duration of 3 hours, then choose an "OASIS Spot Reservation".

Please Note!
A list of currently reserved events is available at: http://oasis.uta.fi/oasisevents/ Your booking will not be accepted if it conflicts with a prior booking request or is not fitting for the OASIS space. Exceptions are the OASIS Game Days that happen once every month on Wednesday at 18:00 - 20:00(overlaps can be negotiated).

Booking requests need to be made at least one week in advance.

Bookings will not be confirmed until an OASIS representative has e-mailed you back personally.

Are you booking an OASIS Event or a Spot Reservation? *
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