Sleestak Survey
This short survey is part of The Sleestak Curve, an ongoing research project by the Center for Humor and Knowledge Acquisition (CHA-KA). The Sleestak Curve aims to understand and quantify the science behind referential humor.

Answers to the first three questions can be general (eg. Forrest Gump, David Bowie, Captain America") or specific (eg. The quote "Inconceivable" from The Princess Bride, the briefcase from Pulp Fiction, etc).

Personal information will remain anonymous and will not even be seen by the members of CHA-KA. Google sign-in is required to ensure one entry per person in order to maintain demographic data integrity.

To read more about the Sleestak Curve before completing the survey, visit
Peak Sleestak: What is a pop culture reference that you would consider maximally funny? This is probably something that you consider moderately obscure. *
Sleestak: What is an obscure pop culture reference that is funny to you, but if it were any more obscure you would consider it "a stretch"? *
Sleestak Reciprocal: What is a non-obscure pop culture reference that you find funny, but if it were any less obscure you would consider it "too easy"? *
How old are you? *
Where would you say you are from? *
Gender Identity *
What would you describe as a few of your top interests? (List up to 3) Examples: science fiction, sports, rap music, etc *
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