Puentes de Salud - Education Volunteer Application


*Please see updated volunteer availabilities next to each program description here.

Early Childhood - Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2:45-5:30pm, Southwark School (1835 S. 9th Street) *All positions filled

Elementary - Mondays & Wednesdays, 3-6pm, Southwark School (1835 S. 9th Street)

Middle School - Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 3-6pm, Southwark School, (1835 S. 9th Street)

High School - Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:30-6:15, Puentes de Salud Wellness Center (1700 South Street) *All positions filled

Individual tutoring with elementary & middle school students - Tuesdays, 3-6pm, Southwark School (1835 S. 9th Street) - need for 10-12 people

Family-based community workshops - select Tuesdays or Thursdays, 2:45-5:30pm, Southwark School (1835 S. 9th Street) - availability for 3 people

*TRAININGS: Mandatory training on Saturday, January 25th from 10am - 2pm at 1700 South St. Please save this date.

*Dates: Elementary, middle, and high school programming begins the week of January 27th, 2020 on your designated day(s) with on-site orientations during normal program hours. Programming runs through the first week of May.
Early childhood programming begins (with students) the week of January 27th and runs through the second week of May

*Language: Spanish language skills are important but not required. The exception to this is the Early Childhood Program, for which we do ask that volunteers be at least proficient in spoken Spanish to apply. Across all programs, though, we do highly encourage individuals who are fluent, bilingual, and/or native speakers to apply!

*We deeply value all volunteers' commitment, and the minimum requirement we ask is one consistent day per week, however we strongly encourage you to also consider committing two days if possible.

Applications due: Tuesday, February 4th.

Please contact us at education@puentesdesalud.org with questions.

Note that this application is for weekly volunteer roles in the above programs. If you have a particular skill set that you would like to share with students/families in a shorter/less frequent workshop format, please contact us.
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