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Bubble is a free anonymous mobile app that lets you chat and make friends at a specific location. Simply open the app and it will center on your location, then tap to create a "bubble" at that location (or any location!). This creates a chatroom confined to that circle on a map. An example of its use would be a student in a dorm creating a "bubble" at their dorm and asking if anyone wants to get lunch, chatting with someone and setting something up, and making a new friend in the process.

Check it out here at https://bubbleapp.io/!

For this project, we want passionate GTPM members with an entrepreneurial spirit who care deeply about the value that Bubble could bring to our campus and beyond. We are also looking for people who are skilled (or wish to learn) how to build an app through FLUTTER, iOS, or Android.

This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity for your growth: you can learn about all of the facets of product management from development to customer research and your resume will have a project that stands out amongst the crowd.
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