Application for CTI Business Concept Training (Fall 2017)
Training description
The Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation offers every year an entrepreneurial training in Suisse Romande. This free, inter-university evening program, is designed and given by entrepreneurs, targeting members of Swiss universities of all disciplines who have the ambition to translate their innovative ideas into viable business.

There are many ways in which you will benefit from this program:

- Improve your business skills and learn the essentials of creating and running a company
- Shape your venture idea into a viable business or participate in the development of a promising project of someone else
- Get introduced into the Swiss start-up ecosystem and link up with entrepreneurs, business partners, investors, as well as multi-disciplinary talents coming from other universities
- Broaden your career perspectives

Only a limited number of participants (25) per city will be admitted to the program. The selection will be based on the motivation, experience and personal profile of applicants. Further information can be found below. We highly encourage you to apply.

The 12 sessions and 2 coaching sessions take place one evening per week for one semester from 5:15pm to 9:15pm (September to December).


Admission criteria
You are eligible for this training if you study or work for a Swiss university, HES-SO or Swiss Research Institute.
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CTI Business Concept training program
Please select the course of your choice either located in Lausanne, Fribourg Yverdon or Sierre. All courses are taught in English or French.

Valais (EN): Monday evenings, 17h15 to 21h15

Lausanne (EN): Tuesday evenings, 17h15 to 21h15

Fribourg (EN): Wednesday evenings, 17h15 to 21h15

Yverdon (FR): Thursday evenings, 17h15 to 21h15

Course location - First choice *
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Your Motivation
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3. Outline the key entrepreneurial features of your profile.
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Your Business Idea
Please fill out this question ONLY IF you have a valid business idea and if you would like to work on it during the course.

Please note that this information will be kept confidential.

Project category
1. The Problem
Please describe the problem or customer need you try to encounter with your project:
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2. Your solution
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3. The target addressable market
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4. Competition
What makes your solution unique and more attractive compared to other alternatives? Please describe the key differentiator from potential competitors:
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Any further details that you believe are relevant to support your candidature?
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Thank you very much for your application!
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