F5 D2: Media/PR MAO Questionnaire-2018
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Title: without the word Miss
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Contestants First Name and Middle name (Only if you have confirmed with CJ you will use your Middle name)
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Contestants Last Name
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Talent (Type: vocial, dance, piano, etc; If Dance put the type of dance)
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Talent music selection name:
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I confirm I have sent my talent selection music by email to: missarmusic@gmail.com ?
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Platform (place the name as you wish it to appear in the program book)
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What is the best way to contact you?
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What is your Cell Phone number: Your number not a parent or guardain. Type your number like this example: (xxx)-xxx-xxxx
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Email address *
What is your primary email addess: (place the email address you will check regularly from May - September. )
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Scholastic Ambition? *
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Scholastic Honors? *
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Non-Academic Accomplishment ? *
What is your Greatest Non-Academic Accomplishment ?
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Cash ScholarshipTotal *
Cash Scholarships' Total? List below the total amount of cash scholarships won last year?
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Overall Cash Scholarships' Total? *
2016 Overall Cash Scholarships' Total? List below the total amount of cash scholarships won since you began competing, including 2016:
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In-kind Scholarships' Total? *
2016 in-kind Scholarships'- Total ONLY SCHOLARSHIP? List below the total amount of cash scholarships won in 2016? In-Kind is something you receive but not in cash. Example: A college gives you a scholarship but it is not in cash.
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