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Fall 2018 - Submission period September 5th - September 19th
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Request Form, Fall 2018
SchoolForce Innovation Grants (SFIGs) are available to all BRSSD staff where the impacts are grade-wide, department-wide or school-wide, and will provide ongoing, lasting benefits past the current school year. Funds are limited and individual requests should be kept at $500 and below while collaborative requests can be made for up to $500 per staff member.

The SFIG program is designed to focus on instructional and learning innovation as the cornerstone of the program. Innovation is not limited to the use of technology. Innovation can be seen through incorporating creative, original, or out-of-the-box methods or practices in the classroom. SFIGs are available to all TK, elementary and middle school staff in the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District. Along with individual grants, we also offer collaborative grants! This is a program designed to provide funds for the most innovative educational and developmental activities created by BRSSD Staff. The SFIG program is designed to inspire TK, elementary and middle school staff to explore and create innovative instructional strategies while enhancing the learning environment for students.

Requests will be reviewed by a committee consisting of multi-site staff, SchoolForce board members, and district office personnel. The window to submit grants is September 5th through September 19th, 2018. If funds allow, there will be an additional window to apply. All applicants will be notified of the outcome via email. Applicants must initiate and complete all work outlined in their SFIG description by the end of the 2018-2019 school year. Following completion of the project, applicants will provide SchoolForce a short wrap up report summarizing project status and successes/failures.

Please direct any questions to Ardythe Andrews,

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Grants for Individuals should be kept at $500 and below. Collaborative requests can be made for up to $500 per staff member.
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