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Did you ever go to camp as a kid? Want to go this year? Here's your chance!
Help Out At Camp Rock!
We need lots of adults to make camp run smoothly. One of the many reasons our camp is such a huge success every year is because of the time donated by caring adults. Please consider joining us! Can you come for a morning or an afternoon? How about coming for the evening activity and spending the night? We need help in two main areas:
Day Supervisors
Day supervisors will basically patrol the perimeter of events or help supervise activities. They may be asked to gopher for the people in charge of activities or be of assistance to campers who need a little extra attention from an adult. (Day supervisors, you can bring younger siblings with you when you come to help. Meals will be included at no charge.)
Night Supervisors
Night supervisors will assist with the evening activity and will be assigned to spend the night in a lodge with the campers. The idea (of course) is to get the campers to go to sleep. This is not as difficult as it sounds since they are usually very tired from the day’s activities! You should be aware that the night crew is expected to stay awake and do bunk checks periodically. Adults assigned to the same lodge may take turns sleeping. We ask that you leave younger siblings at home for the night shift. Thank you.

Moms and Dads we really need your help!

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All volunteers are required to attend “Protecting God’s Children” before participating in Camp ROCK. Please see the parish bulletin or call the parish office for upcoming dates and times. Dickson Valley Camp is located near Plano, IL For directions: www.dvcrc.com/302.htm or call 815-553-6233. There is no charge for adult volunteers or siblings that come for the day.
if you have any questions about volunteering or Camp ROCK in general, please feel free to call John at Joyful Hope Presentations (630) 846-0688.
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