Youmacon 2019 Panelist Application
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AS SOME THINGS HAVE CHANGED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The deadline to complete this form will be August 16, 2019.

Lets get ready for Youmacon 2019!

This year we are implementing a strict First-Come-First-Served policy, so please be very mindful when you you apply for what days you are willing to host your panel, as well as how quickly you choose to apply. The slots will fill up fast!

To avoid scheduling conflict we are asking groups of panelists to register under a group name. This way large groups who cycle their primary panelists will have less of a chance of being scheduled on top of each other. We also ask that you limit your number to 4. Panels containing more than 4 panelists may not be approved.


You will be able to pick up your pre-registered badge in the Live Programming Operations room which now located in the multi-ops room in Cobo Hall, room 140 D on the ground floor.

Receive a refunded amount for your pre-registered badge. You may choose between a ONE hour panel, a ONE AND A HALF hour long panel, or a TWO hour long panel. If you wish to extend your panel time, send your request to
The reimbursement guideline is as follows:

• 1.5 hours / $20
• 3 hours / $45
• 4.5+ hours / Full refund for purchase of badge
(Platinum Badges will receive $70)

Non Pre-register

If panelist(s) are not pre-registered, you must still put their name in the official panel application. In the "registration number" text box just put the number "1" as the registration number. They may PURCHASE a badge in the Live Programming Operations room at a DISCOUNTED rate based on how many panels you have been approved to host during the convention. The rates are as follows:

• 1 hours: Pay $55
• 2 hours: Pay $40
• 3 hours: Pay $25
• 4.5+ hours: Free badge

THIS ONLY APPLIES WHEN PURCHASED IN THE LIVE PROGRAMMING OPERATIONS ROOM (located in 140 D in Cobo Hall). This is a service we provide for our entertainers. This is your only badge for the entire convention so please do not wait in the registration line.
Refunds will be given in the form of cash. Refunds will be distributed after your panel is over. If you are running multiple panels you may not collect your reimbursement until after your LAST panel. To receive your refund you must bring a form of ID like a Drivers License, student ID, etc. If you do NOT pick up your refund before Closing Ceremonies is scheduled to begin you will not receive the money. We will not mail out money and we will not hold it for next year.

*** We no longer accept Ask-A-Character panels or character role-play panels***
*Internet might not be available to you in the panel rooms, please be prepared!*

If there are complications or you have any questions please e-mail us at I ask that you do not hesitate to contact us, there is no such thing as stupid questions. We will reply in a timely fashion after receiving the e-mail.

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Group Name
This only applies to panels hosted by two or more people.
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Primary Panelist Name *
Although there may be more than one panelist for a panel, we ask you designate one panelist as the primary contact.This is your name as seen on your ID. Please do not register under a business name or a group name.
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Primary Panelist Registration Number *
The Registration number you received when you purchased you 3-day or Platinum pass online. You may need to open your registration PDF to find this number. If not pre-registered just put down "1" as the registration number.
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Primary Panelist Email Address *
Please register an active email address so that we may be able to contact you timely on your application process.
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We would like to have a phone number we can contact during the convention in the off chance we may need to contact you.
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