Trunk or Treat 2018
Join us for Empire's 3rd Annual Trunk-or-Treat!!! Candy, Inflatables, Contests, Fun, and more for the whole community. There is no charge for admission. Teal Pumpkins will be provided for each vendor for Special Needs visitors.

*General Information*
1. All vendors and Empire families must complete the Vendor Trunk Form NO LATER than Friday, October 25th at 12PM.
3. Vendor Trunks are available for NO CHARGE.

*Trunk Setup Information*
1. Trunks may begin setup at 4:00pm.
2. All trunks must be in place NO LATER than 5:30pm.
3. Trunks will setup in the Empire parking lot.
4. You will receive a FINALIZED parking diagram on Friday, October 26th.
5. Please check-in at the Empire table to let us know you have arrived.
6. Each trunk will need to provide your own extension cords, tables, etc.
7. Props, decorations, candy, prizes, etc. are at the discretion of each Trunk.
8. Empire will provide lighting and limited power.
9. Items may be sold or distributed at your booth.
10. Empire will provide all sound. Individual speakers not permitted - exception sounds inside trunk only heard in near proximity.
11. No strobe or flashing lights permitted.
12. Trunk Tear Down Information
13. All trunks must be packed up by 9pm.
14. Each trunk is responsible for clearing the area surrounding the trunk from trash, debris, decorations, candy wrappers, etc.
15. You may use the dumpster is around the front of the parking lot to dispose of trash.

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