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Ready Together is a Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Project that works like this:
A small cluster of near-neighbors come together over several sessions and work through a user-friendly handbook full of practical, low-cost and no-cost tips to help you and your household be more prepared for emergencies of any kind.

The self-guided Ready Together Handbook contains sessions on the following topics and more: collecting essential supplies to have on-hand for emergencies, making "go-bags" for all members of your household (including pets) in case you need to evacuate, and developing emergency response plans so that in critical times you already have clear instructions in place. Perhaps more importantly, the very act of going through the Handbook together with neighbors builds up the social conditions so that in the event of an emergency, you will be much more likely to thrive.

This Handbook will be supplemented by an Outreach Guide that you can use to rally your neighbors, a Facilitation Guide to help you have good meetings, and a Community of Practice (facilitated by Transition US and NewStories) to provide additional, ongoing support for those facilitating Ready Together in their communities.

The Ready Together Handbook and resources will be widely available widely in early 2020. Please provide your name and contact information if you would like to be kept apprised of its release. We promise we will not provide this information to any other parties.
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