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Know priority in this order; Tables, Beverage Bar, Floor, Trash, Restrooms, Windows *
Uses spray bottle and towel for tables and booths. *
Has two towels; 1 for tables, 1 for booths. *
Knows how to change Bulk Ketchup. *
Keeps Beverage Bar clean and restocked. *
Knows how to prepare a new mop bucket and mop. Know how to use blue machine; charge, change water and use to clean. *
Keeps floors clean throughout shift by spot sweeping. *
Uses trash smasher to push trash down. Knows to change trash when they are 3/4 full, does't allow them to overflow. *
Knows how to clean bathrooms *
Clean sink, mirrors, door handles, wall under hand dryer. Refill TP and hand soap. Empty trash. Checks restrooms every 20 minutes.
Spot cleans windows when needed. Leaves streak free. *
Checks lot for trash and changes outside trash when needed. *
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