CS Experience Input
The purpose of this form is to provide a mechanism for sharing experiences in the Computer Science Department related to exclusion, inequality, racism and bias, as well as collecting suggestions for concrete actions to improve the experience of department citizens, particularly those from underrepresented groups. All questions are optional to provide whatever level of anonymity is desired. The purpose of the demographics questions are to help us understand the perspectives of responders. Responses will be reviewed by the Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the Head of the Department in order to improve conditions in the department. This data is not being collected for any reporting purposes.
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Experiences: please share situations where you experienced, felt or observed inequality, exclusion, racism, bias, etc. within the CS department.
Please identify areas for improvement and/or concrete suggestions on how to effect positive change.
Anything else?
Please share anything relevant that might not fit into a prior question category, including things such as your perception of the general atmosphere of the CS @ JHU community or positive experiences that we could work to multiply.
Your (current) role in the department
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Racial & Ethnic Identities
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Gender Identity
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Contact you?
Optionally provide a valid email address (not necessarily JHU) if you would like us to contact you for further dialogue.
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