What is Dental Anthropology?
The Dental Anthropology Association is updating our website and we need your help.

The “What is Dental Anthropology?” page is intended to provide a detailed explanation our field, to be used as an introductory resource for students and interested parties who visit our website. As discussed at the 2018 Business Meeting, we believe that the strongest way to answer this question is through a series of questions and sections written by dental anthropology experts (you!).

If you have expertise in one or more of the areas listed below, please consider writing a 150–250 word response to be featured on our website. All contributions will be credited and we will include links to your professional website.
Key questions that we would like to answer are listed below. Please note that topics and sub-topics may be added or moved, so do not feel limited to this list. If you have another dental anthropology related subject you think we should include, please feel free to include them!

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