MJHS School Climate Survey
We'd like to know what you think about our school's climate. Your responses will be anonymous. Please read each item and rate it.
Positive Learning Environment
Adults and young people at this school have opportunities to interact in positive and enjoyable ways. *
The school has clear expectations and rewards for positive behavior. *
The school atmosphere is safe and caring for both adults and young people. *
Social and Thinking Skill Instruction
Students receive ongoing instruction in problem solving and decision making. *
Adults in the school serve as role models for positive social behaviors. *
Students learn leadership skills and are encouraged to take on leadership roles. *
Families as Partners
Parents believe their children are getting a good education at this school. *
Parents support the school through widespread and active involvement. *
Parents view the school as a partner in providing education and support for their children. *
Community Involvement (Other than Families)
Important individuals and agencies in this community support our school programs. *
Many people who are not parents of students in this school take an active role in school committees and activities. *
The school informs people in the community how they can take part in school activities. *
Learning through Service
The students are given opportunities to practice citizenship by providing service to others. *
Adults in the school guide students in planning and carrying out projects that provide service to others. *
Parents and community members participate in students' service projects. *
Drug-Free Approach to Living
Students and staff are clear about school policies concerning drug use, and those policies have a clear "no use" message. *
Students are given drug information appropriate to their age and experience. *
Students are taught how to resist negative peer pressure, including pressure to use drugs. *
Positive Peer Groups
Students have opportunities to participate with peers in healthy, adult-supervised activities during and after school. *
Adults in the school take an active role in building positive peer groups. *
Students have opportunities to develop positive peer relationships with students from a wide variety of backgrounds. *
Celebrating and Respecting Diversity
All students have equal opportunity to participate in activities that promote positive social behaviors. *
All students see role models in the school that represent their social and racial groups. *
Students and their families are encouraged to share their heritage at school. *
Support for School Staff
Staff understand how they can actively promote positive social behaviors in students. *
Staff receive the training and materials necessary to be successful in carrying out their roles. *
Staff receive support and recognition for carrying out their roles successfully. *
I am a... *
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