MSANSW Workshop 4 - Leadership and Applied Ethics Workshop
Salaam team!
As promised, here is some more information on our upcoming event THAT CANNOT BE MISSED!

Alhamdulillah we have been blessed with the chance to meet and learn from one of the most prominent leaders of the British Muslim Community. Your shura and entire membership body can learn about theories behind 'Leadership and Applied Ethics'. We will have a talk about leadership issues currently facing Muslim communities in the West and discuss common Ethical Dilemmas faced by Muslim Leaders. With all the political turmoil and tension that is currently occurring after the Belgium attacks, this is a talk that will be sure to benefit us all In shaa Allah and shine light on the way our leaders are responding.

DATE: Saturday, Apr 9th
ARRIVAL: 9.30am
END TIME:: 1pm
VENUE: Community Room 2, Bankstown Library
Speaker: Muhammad Abdul Bari

Note: Must register as this event has a limited number of seating iA.

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