Felt Discord Moderator Application
- joined the program discord https://discord.gg/8rBTyeTj2q and have read the server info, operations, and rules channels
- at least 13 years old and have not finished their fourth year of college
- know how to use Discord
- can appropriately use and manage Felt's Discord server with responsibility
- must be fluent/can communicate in English

What you will be doing:
- Be active in our server and answer any questions you can answer
- chat with the members, go on channels frequently
- Moderating chat and warn members not following the rules, mute/ban if needed
- Working with the team and the team lead to see if mute/ban permissions should be used
- Brainstorm new ideas for Discord server if you'd like!

What we look for:
- people that can be active on our server and interact with members
- warm-hearted
- responsible
- welcoming and fun

Your main job and what we are looking for most however, is someone that could frequently interact with members in our channels and be on the server regularly. A little experience with moderating would also be appreciated, but not in any way required!

Time commitment: Varied, active at least 4 hours per week but should be more
If you pass this first stage of the application, you will be sent an email for an interview. It will last about 10-15 minutes, but don't worry! It won't be super formal.
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