Pet Food Pantry Distribution Request
Please fill this form out to request food. Once you submit this form, you will be contacted via email, at least 48 hours prior to pantry, and provided the time when you can pick up your distribution. If we have any questions, we will also respond to you via email so please check your inbox. If we are not able to confirm you for the next pantry, we will make sure you are at the top of the list for the following pantry. All information provided will be verified with your food pantry application so please make sure information is accurate. Thank you!

The next pantries are 4/4 and 4/18. Pick up times will be between 12-2 PM.

*To qualify for assistance, applicant must be a resident of Philadelphia County, applicant must have proof of low income or hardship, and all pets must be spayed/neutered, or applicant must agree to have pets spayed/neutered.

*As a food pantry recipient, you have agreed not to acquire more pets while you are receiving temporary food pantry assistance so you can only receive food for the animals already on your approved application.

*If this is your first time visiting the ACCT Philly pantry, make sure you indicate that in the proper question and we will email you to let you know what information you will need to supply and an application to be completed when you pick up food.
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Does your animal have any allergies or dietary restrictions? Please understand we will try to but cannot always accommodate as the pantry is a donation based program.
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