Application for SAFETAG Brand Development
Internews is seeking quotes from individuals or organizations to help create a visual identity and specific design artifacts for the SAFETAG framework. Please complete the following application if this is an opportunity you are interested in. Individuals, organizations, and companies are eligible to apply.

If you would like to apply using PGP encryption, please send responses via email to, using the application found here:

PGP Fingerprint for B837 4A65 AF2E FD57 9A04 3885 6316 FC03 DF31 8F76
About SAFETAG and Internews
Internews ( is an international non-profit dedicated to building healthy, trusted, and relevant media and information systems in countries where they do not exist. Our global technology programs advance the digital safety of our partners, and advocate digital rights and protections for the world’s most vulnerable populations. From funding local internet rights advocacy initiatives and open source technology development to designing cutting-edge approaches to organizational security, we focus on local and regional needs, and connect them at the global level to demand an inclusive, safe, open web. In addition, we provide technological support to media outlets and human rights defenders, and pilot cutting edge approaches to analyzing and researching closing civic space.

Internews developed the SAFETAG (Secure Auditing Framework and Evaluation Template for Advocacy Groups) methodology, a professional audit framework that adapts traditional penetration testing and risk assessment methodologies to be relevant to smaller non-profit organizations based or operating in the developing world. More on SAFETAG at
Anticipated Timeline*
*Please note that this is a tentative timeline, we will work with the selected individual or organization to finalize once contracted

• Weeks 1-2: Review of SAFETAG framework, including interviews with 4-6 key community leads
Internews will organize at least two community calls for partners or community leads to
attend and provide insight

• Weeks 2-3: Present 3-5 concepts with explanation describing how community feedback was used to
inform the design process

• Weeks 3-4: Refine and finalize selected concept

• Weeks 4-6: Implement the concept in the below outputs
Requested Outputs
• Visual identity / brand development for the SAFETAG framework

• Logo for SAFETAG, with the following alternative appearances:
–Square for website favicons / "user" icons
–Black/White only
–Reversed-out versions for dark and light backgrounds

• Style guide that can be used for both print documents and websites, to include:
–Selection of open-licensed fonts for headers and normal text
–Creation of a web content accessibility guidelines AA/AAA compliant color palette
–Text/visual element styling (headers, buttons in active/inactive states, call-out textboxes,
unordered bulleted list items, checklists, hyperlink formatting, footnote/reference formatting)

• Specific visual iconography to support SAFETAG's content and structure (e.g. different icons for technical, research, and interactive elements of the framework which align with the overall branding, see for background)

• All developed outputs should comply with standard web content accessibility guidelines 2.1 (

•All inputs and outputs should be compatible with a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license
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