The Ninth Annual Upgradies
Nominate us your favourites to help us make our picks in the 2022 Upgradies!
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Best Overall iOS App
Not including Overcast, which is a Hall of Fame winner
Best Newcomer iOS App
What is your favourite iOS app first released in 2022?
Best Overall Mac App
What is your favourite Mac app overall?
Best Newcomer Mac App
What is your favourite Mac app first released in 2022?
Game of the Year
What is your favourite game on any platform in 2022?
Favourite Movie
What is your favourite movie released in 2022?
Favourite TV Show
What is your favourite TV show released in 2022?
Favourite Book
What is your favourite book released in 2022?
Favourite Podcast
What was your favourite podcast in 2022? (Not including ATP or The Flop House, who are a Lifetime Achievement Award winners)
Favourite Apple Product of 2022
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Favourite Non - Apple Product
What is your favourite non-Apple product released in 2022?
Worst Gadget/Most Disappointing Tech
What technology has been your least favourite in 2022?
Favourite Tech Story
What is your favourite tech news story of 2022?
Favourite Tech Screw Up
Which blunder in technology has been your personal favourite of 2022?
Most Life-Changing Hardware
What technology has made the biggest change to your life this year?
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