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The AA is committed to deliver all its academic programmes in Term 3 online and/or on site, depending on how the current situation evolves. In all circumstances Term 3 will commence as scheduled on Monday 20th April. The AA buildings are currently closed on UK government instruction, and will remain so until further announcement. Anticipating that this will extend into Term 3 we are working on the various contingencies to enable students to complete their studies in this academic year online, and we are developing new academic resources to support each one of them wherever they are. While the AA facilities in Bedford Square are currently closed and will only re-open when UK government instruction permits, the AA remains open throughout.

In order to identify the best ways in which we can better support the students and also each one of our Academic Staff, online and on site, we would like to know where you are in the world, and if you have any suggestions as to how and what we could provide and if there is anything beyond your teaching that you could offer.

We are creating a series of forums that can bring people together in different ways. We are identifying new opportunities to think of our 7,500 global membership network made of alumni, architects, creatives, academic staff and students to produce new forums where we can exchange knowledge, resources, skills and ideas online but also on site globally.

It would be great if you responded to this survey by March 27th or as soon as possible.

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The school is using TEAMS as a VLP (Virtual Learning Platform). Many of you are using other channels to communicate with students throughout the world (WeChat, Facetime, G Hangout, etc...What other platforms do you need, to work effectively with your students, that we can help you with?
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Do you have any resources in your location that you would like to offer to our students? ie: A Library / A model workshop / Rendering Farms / 3D Printers / etc...
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