UIC Music Audition Request Form
Fill this form out to request an audition. You should do this AFTER:
1. You have already applied to the university via the Common Application.
2. You have already sent in both your transcript and standardized test scores to UIC.

This is NOT an application to the University. We'll be in touch shortly with audition options.

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Your University Identification Number. It should be 9 digits long, and probably starts with "6." If you do not have your UIN, remember that you must have already applied to UIC to audition.
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Are you entering college for the first time? If so, you're a first time freshman. If you have any college attendance history, you're a transfer.
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Each student declares a primary instrument. It should be the one on which you feel the most confident, the one on which you'll play your audition, and the one that you'll use to participate in ensembles. If you want to follow the jazz requirements, please select "jazz" with your instrument. Singers: enter "voice."
Lessons? *
Do you currently take private lessons on your instrument?
If yes, who is your teacher and how many years have you taken?
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Do you play any other instruments or sing? If so, please list below.
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