Delaware Library Association Grant Application
Objective: To provide funds to help cover programs or exhibitions that foster a sense of community engagement, and/or present timely topics of interest in areas such as civics, humanities, pop culture, world events, literature, health, family, or other areas as deemed appropriate.

To be eligible for the award of this grant, applicant must be a Delaware Library Association member, or from a library with an active DLA institution membership. It is strongly recommended the program or event being applied for take place between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023. Projects where community-based organizations partner with a library are strongly preferred.

There is not a Save option on this form. It is highly recommended answers are fully developed first, and then copied and pasted into the form. You may edit responses after they have been submitted. Edits will not be accepted after December 31, 2021.
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1. Project Title *
2. Projected Project Date(s) *
3. Library Name *
4. Provide a brief description of proposed project *
5. What do you hope to achieve with this project? Is this a new initiative or an existing project? *
6. How will you publicize the event / exhibition? *
7. How does this promote community engagement? *
8. What specific activities will be planned? Will community partners be utilized? *
9. Who is your target audience? *
10. How does the proposed program align with DLA's mission to advocate, empower, and educate a diverse library community? *
11. How will you evaluate the impact of this project? *
12. Where will grant funds be expended? Check all that apply. *
12a. If Other was selected above, please provide detail
13. Total amount requested. Be specific and list amount requested by category. *
14. Do you anticipate any sponsor cost-share in kind? If yes, how much? *
15. Do you anticipate any gifts from outside organizations / partners? If yes, how much? *
16. Applicant contact information: include Name, Email address, and Phone number *
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