Music and Disability at the SMT and AMS: Submit Your Work
The website of the Music and Disability Interest Group (SMT) & Study Group (AMS) includes a bibliography of recent publications, pedagogy resources including sample syllabi, and a forum for ongoing scholarship. Use the submission form below to submit your own work to these pages. If you would like to emend an existing entry, please include that information here, as well.
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Our bibliography includes books, dissertations, journal articles, book chapters, blog posts, and digital resources. When submitting, please include a complete citation, including author, title, and publication information. n.b.: we use the Chicago Manual of Style's Author-Date Reference style.
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Works in Progress
To submit something to our forum for scholarship in progress, please include a title for your project(s) and a brief description (two or three sentences). Please note that we will include your name in the entry.
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Pedagogy Resources
Our pedagogy page features articles on accessibility and inclusive design in the music classroom, as well as a listing of disability-themed courses taught by music theorists and musicologists. If you have taught a course, please briefly describe it here and include a link to your syllabus.
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